Twin Tied



Seventeen-year-old Lexa Tate isn’t having a great night. Her sister’s constant yammering sends her outside to get some peace and quiet, but her walk isn’t all that peaceful when a car tries to run her over. If the seriously cute Brennan Ward hadn’t been there, she would have been road kill.

With the ability to relive her own memories in full-color, Lexa replays the attempted hit-and-run and realizes something that shocks her more than almost being run over: the car didn’t have a driver.

Reluctantly, she shares what she knows with Brennan, but he doesn’t sound surprised. He actually believes her and knows why. But that’s one secret he’s not sharing.


Genre: YA, Paranormal
Length: Novel (approximately 62,000 words/220 pages)
eBook Price: $2.99

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