Shadow and Light



Banished to Shadowland, Jeneca and the other Shadow Walkers have learned to adapt. They live in shadows and thrive where no one should. So when she finds two Light Walkers, she knows they won’t last long on their own. But they refuse to leave until they find who they’re looking for: her.

Jolsa doesn’t want to be there. Shadowland isn’t the place for light—or Light Walkers. The Shadow Walkers are nothing but savages that can’t be trusted, but he made a promise to keep his best friend, Layli, safe. He’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that, even if it means going to Shadowland for protection.

Jeneca knows what it’s like to have to hide, and she agrees to help—as long as the Light Walkers follow her rules. But even as both sides begin to depend on each other, secrets come to light and they learn that danger lurks in more than just shadows…


Genre: YA, Paranormal
Length: Novel (approximately 62,000 words/220 pages)
eBook Price: $2.99
Print Price: $3.99

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