It’s up.

So, I’m pretty bad with goals and meeting deadlines–at least of the self-imposed variety. But, I said I’d have this up before the end of the year and I did (with a week to spare, but it’s still 2011!).

Shadow and Light went live yesterday, so it’s available for $2.99 at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and OmniLit. As soon as it’s available at other retailers, I’ll update Shadow and Light’s book page and this post (if I remember) with the links. It won’t be available for print until 2012, though. But I’ll get it up as soon as I can.

Even though it’s been live for 24 hours now, I’m still a nervous wreck. And slightly sleep deprived. But, pffft. Who needs sleep? Not me!

I promise I won’t be one of those authors who does nothing but promote their work. I like my stories, and I’m proud of them, but I won’t subject readers to nothing but non-stop ‘Buy me! Read me!’ posts/tweets/etc. (However, milestone posts, such as “Dude. Someone other than my mom/friend bought my book!” posts don’t count as promo.)

Back to work for me. These stories won’t write themselves–despite begging, pleading, and spell-casting.

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