Minor Updates

Things have been…difficult these past few months. I won’t go into details, because they’re personal, and honestly, they’re likely to make you yawn. So, instead of having a boo-hoo-woe-is-me post, I thought I’d made this update more cheerful. Or at least not completely boo-hoo-woe-is-me.

First order of business: I finally, after having free tickets for a year (seriously, a year–they’ve been hiding in my safe and/or John Cena’s 12 Rounds DVD case), went to the Harry Potter thing at Universal (or more accurately, Islands of Adventure). We (my mother and I) were only there for a few hours, but we pretty much spent the entire time on the HP side of things. We rode the main ride (Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, I think it’s called) and decided we’d have to go back at least a dozen times to see all the cool stuff–talking pictures, the sorting hat, etc. But we’re not going on the Dragon Challenge, even if we go back. It looks really scary. I don’t like scary; I’m a chicken.

And let me just say, it was awesome. Fantastic. The ride was…did I say awesome already? Well, it was. I’ve never been one of those ‘I want to fly!’ people, but after that ride, I am now. It’s that great. At least I thought so, but I’ll admit to being biased of all things Harry Potter.

At the end, they have one of those photo things where you can get a ridiculously expensive (and always bad) picture of you printed out. My picture was, as usual, horrible and I begged them to delete it until they laughed and said they would. (I don’t believe them–they probably have a Wall of Shame somewhere, where they pin pictures and mock people like me once they’re gone.)

I took my iPod touch so I could get pictures (since my real digital camera is a) broken, and b) MIA), but my pictures turned out kinda bad and dark since it has no flash.

We also did one other ride, the Jurassic Park River Adventure. My mother (who is still awaiting the revenge I’m going to serve her) didn’t tell me it had an 85 foot drop until we were well into the ride and I couldn’t back out. Yes, 85 foot drop. In case you didn’t know, I have a small (and understandable) fear of heights. I screamed, of course, and that evil camera captured yet another miserable picture of me. But at least this time my mother’s picture was equally horrible and I laughed until I cried, which made me feel better. :mrgreen: I didn’t manage any pictures on the actual ride since I was sitting in water and being sprayed by more, and all the pictures I took before the ride didn’t turn out. Boo.

In other news, I’m doing edits on Shadow and Light. I hope to publish it soon. I should be updating its page within a week or so, and maybe adding an excerpt or something. I’m also doing more edits on Breed of Innocence (hope to have it ready in a few months–and I’m busy trying to plot the other books in the series), and I’m writing new words on The Void (no idea when this will be ready).

So, there you have it. Lanie updates. Hopefully I’ll have more updates soon. And some real cheerfulness.

P.S. If you haven’t been to the Harry Potter ride at Universal yet, you should plan to go. And buy a wand. I didn’t get one this time, but I want one, so maybe you should buy two and share. :mrgreen:

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