Yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary–aka the bookiversary (new word!)–of Breed of Innocence! YAY!

Breed Cake

I didn’t want to do anything then because, a) I forgot until really late, and b) July 4th is about celebrating more important things than good books.

But, it’s a new day, and with this new day comes a giveaway!

So, what am I giving away? Well, since I skipped other 1-year bookiversaries, I’ve decided to give away copies of Breed of Innocence, Twin Tied, and Shadow and Light. (The winners will each get all 3 books, in case that wasn’t clear!)

How do you enter? Just comment. I hate jumping through hoops to try to win stuff, so that’s my only ‘hoop’. Just a comment. It can be as simple as “Hi, Lanie!” or as non-simple as “Hai, Lanie! I’ve never read your stuff, but I want free books. Gimmegimme!” I’m easy, y’all! :mrgreen: (Just spare my feelings and make it nice, please! ;) )


The giveaway is open from now until 11:59pm EST on Sunday (July 7th). I’ll pick 5 winners on Monday using


(Note: Please include a valid email address so I can reach you in case you win!)

(Note 2: Copies are available in epub, mobi, or pdf.)

(Note 3: I worked a ridiculously long time on the Breed Cake even though it doesn’t really look like one, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. Pretend, people!)