Why I Shouldn’t Read The Bloggess’s blog

I discovered The Bloggess a while back by following a link from a friend on Twitter. I know better than to follow links on Twitter, especially from friends, because they’re either, a) time-sucks, or b) YouTube videos no one should be reminded of. But anyway, I read her blog, laughed until I cried, and developed my very first blogger-crush.

Reading her blog leads to Very Bad Things, like, a) being too busy reading her blog to get any writing done, and/or b) crying and laughing so hard that I can’t see to get any writing done. (Also, it’s hard to write a story when you’re bent over and/or trying to give yourself a concussion from bending over and hitting your head on your desk. Which hurts. Just a FYI.)

But today, I broke the avoidance and followed a link to her blog post titled The Man Deserves A Damn Medal. Which led me to another post, which led me to another post, which led me to secretly stalking Nathan Fillion and Wil Wheaton on Twitter. Apparently the Bloggess has been trying (unncessfully) for months to get Nathan to send her a picture of himself holding twine, which is about 1000x funnier than it sounds, and you should read about it on this blog post here.

And after today’s little blog-stalk adventure, I now want to start a Twitter campaign for pictures of stars holding random objects. But not Nathan or Wil (they’re already taken for random-item-holding). I’d likely harass Colin Ferguson of the late Eureka, as he’s my most recent Twitter stalkee. (Colin, if you read this, you wouldn’t have to send a picture of yourself holding twine–I’d totally settle for a marriage proposal. Just sayin’.)

So, for a quick follow-up, reading the Bloggess’s blog leads to:

  1. Posting blogs that I hope are funny but really aren’t. (If you’re human and/or have any kind of a sense of humor, you won’t think it’s funny, which is why I shouldn’t post about why I shouldn’t read funny blogs.)
  2. Wanting to Twitter-stalk people and contemplating harassing them for pictures.
  3. Not getting any work done, because I’m either reading her blog, or I end up blogging about why I shouldn’t read her blog which just reminds me why I shouldn’t read her blog in the first place. (Ya follow?)
  4. Really convoluted sentences that even I can’t understand.
  5. Two hours of laughing really hard. (Which is actually a good thing…)

What about y’all? Do you read The Bloggess or any other funny blogs? Twitter-stalking anyone? Let me know! (Please don’t let me be alone with the crazy.)

Warning: clicking any of the links in this post will likely lead to profanity, hours lost, tears being shed, stomach pains, and people a lot funnier than me.

PS. The time spent being sucked into The Bloggess world, including the time it took to write this post, is 3+ hours.

5 Responses

  1. I love her blog. My favorite is about Beyonce the chicken. “Knock knock motherfucker” on towels!

  2. I love her blog. Looking forward to exploring yours as well

  3. Yes! I can’t help but to read the blogess. This post prompted me to go back and read the “this man deserves a damn metal” post, and I thought both (yours and hers) were funny. It all worked out in the end!

    • Yeah, the Bloggess is great. I don’t visit as much as I used to, because then I’d sit there for hours, crying tears of laughter, and never get anything done.

      I totally need a Bloggess time-limit or something, lol. She’s too funny for my own good.