The End of the World…

Okay, it’s not the end of the world, but tonight is the end of Eureka, which is like losing a small piece of my world.

If you’ve never watched the show, then you’ve missed 5 seasons of absolute greatness. Eureka is one of the best examples of a show done right. A show with lovable-but-flawed characters, excellent storylines, and a city I would have loved to have been a part of. It is, and will likely remain, one of SyFy’s greatest shows, up there with the Stargates.

Even when the show went in the weirdest possible directions and I couldn’t see how they’d make it work, they somehow managed to pull it off. Storylines that I was sure I would hate somehow ended up being fantastic, and now I can’t imagine how things would’ve worked any other way.

It has some of the greatest characters ever. They make you laugh and cry, and sometimes they make you want to punch people (not the good people!), but at the end of the day, they make you love them. There, I said it. I LOVE the characters. Especially the lead character, Jack Carter. (I totally want one of my own, but that’s a completely different post!)

But after tonight, there will be no more new episodes. No more weekly adventures into the crazy insane (believe me, it needs the redundancy) town of Eureka. No more chances to fall in love with the characters and town just a little more than the week before.

I love this show. There’s no other way to say it. I. Love. Eureka. And while it angers and saddens me to see it go, I want to thank the cast, crew, and everyone involved in the creation of it.

Thank you for giving us 5 years to love you, to watch you grow, to be a part of the Eureka world. I wish I had better words to offer, or some meaningful message to send, but I don’t. All I have is my appreciation for each of you and my well wishes.


(Forgive the sloppy writing. It’s hard to do with a mouse and my drawing tablet pen is missing!)

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