5 years. Unknown Number of Rewrites Later…

And Breed of Innocence, Book 01 in The Breed Chronicles, is officially released! YAY!

Publishing this story has been a dream of mine for a long time. In fact, the Breed Chronicles plot and world have been in my head for almost 5 years. Now, I’m no math expert (as my friends would gladly point out), but that’s a decent chunk of my life right there.

This novel has been through the ringer, with more rounds of edits and rewrites than anything else I’ve written combined. When I first wrote the original, back in 2007, it was: 01) my very first novel-length story, 02) the first thing I ever wrote/completed for a NaNoWriMo (and turned out to be the only thing I ever completed for a NaNoWriMo–but let’s not focus on that), 03) it was in 3rd person, and 04) it was an adult novel.

I worked on the adult version for a few years, and when it was almost ready, someone mentioned the idea of making it a Young Adult novel. Something…just clicked. The original version was meant to be a 3-book series, but if I started it sooner–when things began rather than mid-way through–I could do so much more with it. Everything just made sense; the proverbial light bulb turned on.

In Breed Original (the adult version), the main character had these minor comments about her past, like nicknames she’d given people, or people she disliked for X or Y reason. They were just random comments that didn’t amount to much then, but when I started rewriting Breed as a YA novel, all those little stories and comments made sense. I could put actual stories behind them, which I thought was really cool. I could show so much more of the story!

In the end, the story has changed quite a bit, but it’s also grown and I’ve grown with it. My writing has improved, the plot is tighter, and things will be a lot better now than they would’ve been if I’d written/published it 5 years ago as planned. The wait was definitely worth it!

What about you guys? Any dreams you’ve had come true long after you hoped they would? Any dreams you’re still waiting on that you’re sure will be worth the wait? Let me know!

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  1. Woo hoo! That’s awesome, Lanie! Congrats!