Don’t Blame The Bloggers

I don’t know how many of you–if any–follow actual book/author stuff on the net, but today, an author was accused of plagiarism. I’m not going to comment on that itself, but I do want to comment on something that I think is equally as important as the plagiarism itself, and that is the fact that I’ve seen people blaming bloggers for this.

That is NOT okay. It is NOT a blogger’s job to discover plagiarism. It is NOT their fault if it happens by someone they’ve reviewed or spotlighted, or if they were part of said author’s blog tour. The blame does not, in any way, shape, or form, lie with them.

The only person who has ANY blame in plagiarism is the person who plagiarized. Period.

Bloggers–and readers–are not liable for this. They read a lot of books, many in different genres. Some read many in a week or a month. They can’t memorize every book they’ve read, especially if said books were read at different times–or even in the same week.

So please, if you’re blaming bloggers for this, don’t. Bloggers are amazing people, but even they can’t remember every single line from every single book they’ve ever read. Please don’t add to their stress and worry, because I know many of them feel bad enough as it is, and they were hurt by this, too.

And if you happen to be a blogger who supported this author: You are NOT to blame for the actions of someone else. I hope you know this. You’re amazing people, okay?

**This was originally posted on my Facebook page yesterday (the 26th), but I wanted to post it on my blog, too.**

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  1. Lanie…you are awesome! I heard about the plagiarism and honestly, if I had read the book, I don’t think I would have picked up on it myself. I had previously read one of the books that was plagiarized but it feels like eons ago, and it wasn’t in a genre that I normally read, so the story stuck with me, but the technical issues of exact working would not have. It’s crazy that people are putting the blame on the bloggers. A total scapegoat! The author of the shifty work is the only one to blame and should be the only one feeling in the heat.