No News Is…Good…News?

Okay, so maybe no news is not good news, but it’s not bad news either, so we’ll work with it.

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged. Again. I’ve really got to get a better handle on this blogging thing, I know. I did so much better in May. I. Will. Blog. More.


The other day I got a little…obsessive…and made 6 book covers for my upcoming The Breed Chronicles series. And no, not all the books are written. Only book 1 is finished. Cover making = awesome procrastination tool. But I did it for 2 reasons: 1) I’m hoping it will help…inspire me, I guess, to get to work on the others, and 2) I wanted to make sure I could find the same person in different images that would have the same feel and theme I was going for. I think I did.

I’ve had an idea for the website (yes, it will have a website) for years now, so I worked on that a bit, too. If you’ve seen the Breed of Innocence cover (Book 1/Phase 1 in The Breed Chronicles), then you’ll get a feel for how the site will look. Kind of. And if you didn’t see the cover yet, you can do so here.

I also put up the cover for Shadow and Light (title subject to change…still), since I think it will be releasing before Breed of Innconce. I still don’t have a blurb for S&L, but I’m going to start working on one soon. …really.

Let’s see… My birthday was at the end of May. I bought myself a WWE Superstars poster and hung it on my wall, and also hung my Supernatural poster things (they’re cloth, so I’m not sure if they’re *real* posters). Other than that, I did nothing special so it’s hardly worth the mention it’s getting now.

And I think that’s it for updates/news. But I promise to blog more…


We’ll see.

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