Okay. I’m in a really bad mood right now. This probably isn’t the best time to write a blog post, but since it’s on my mind, I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m not the most considerate person. I say that now, freely admitting it to the world because I know it’s true. However, I *try* to be. I smile at people if they walk by me. I have respect for cashiers and people who work at restaurants. I take my shopping cart back to the store, and if I don’t, I take it back to the cart return. (Okay, sometimes if it’s really pouring out then I don’t.) I always look behind me when I’m leaving or entering a place in case someone is coming/leaving after me–and if they are, I hold the door open. I don’t drive by people in the rain and refuse to let them cross, even if I have the right of way–I let them go. If I have 20 things at the grocery store and someone behind me has 5, I let them go first. If there’s a cop car or an ambulance behind me, I pull over. (I know it’s the law, but a lot of people don’t even have this kind of consideration and it really blows my mind–I think there should be a HUGE fine for this.)

These are silly, mostly inconsequential things that I try to be aware of. Every day life is difficult enough for every one, so I try–if I can–to make a small difference in the scheme of things. I know they’re small, but sometimes those can add up.

But that’s not what this is about. This isn’t a rant about the people who don’t do these things. This is a rant about the people who care so little about someone else, that they would knowingly–and willingly–risk someone else’s health/life just because they can or because they simply don’t care.

If you’re not generally an overly considerate person and you don’t do the things on my list, then that’s fine. I understand. I’m not asking you to take carts back to a store or to smile at someone (though it’d be appreciated, I’m sure). But please, please, please, have some consideration and don’t do something you KNOW can and will cause problems with someone else’s health.

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