Name that bunny!

I’m Lanie, and this is my blog.

Since you’re here, you might as well say ‘ello to my leetle friend.

Plot Bunny
(Click on the picture for a slightly larger image.)

This is my plot bunny. I recently realized that I don’t have lots of bunnies–I have one–Mr. Bunny–who just continuously whispers story ideas in my head. (I won’t mention he did that now, as I’m writing this post.)

I haven’t named him officially yet, and since I decided to cheat for my first post on my brand spanking new blog, I decided to get some help on the matter.

Here are some names I’m toying with:

  • Spike
  • Doyle (a fellow Romance Diva’s suggestion)
  • Bob

He’s kind of digging Spike, and maybe Doyle, but I’m not so sure, not yet. So what do you think? Are any of those names a keeper, or do you have a better suggestion? Hit me with your best plot-bunny-name!

3 Responses

  1. So…Mr. Bunny is essentially your muse? Then he must have an appropriately sparkly name! How about Sparkle Plenty? *lol*

    • Lanie

      I never thought about it that way, but yes, I guess he is kind of my muse.

      Sparkle plenty, huh? LOL. Think it might give him a complex. *grin*

  2. ChrisQ

    Wow, awesomeness on a stick. LOVE This