The Birthday Girl!

That’s me! It’s my birthday!

I was going to do a contest or something on my blog, but instead, I discovered my favoritest blogger in the whole word sang to me in a video (squeee!!) and is doing a contest. So, I’d like to redirect your attention there. Really. You need to watch the Awesomeness that is The Book Tart singing to me. (She has a great voice!)

Her site has lots of neat stuff, including her reading an excerpt of Breed of Innocence and her review of Breed of Envy. (Yes, I watch them just to hear her voice. But shh. Don’t tell her that!)

So check the video out and then wander around her site. She’s lovely, amazing, funny, and has a great voice. She deserves lots of love, too.

Video on YouTube for later watching.

2 Responses

  1. Denise Z

    I just came across this post today on goodreads, so I am a few days late, but wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a lovely one and a great coming year filled with joy and much success 🙂