The Crazy, I Haz it

So, I realized something today. I’m driving myself crazy. Okay, to be fair, I probably realized this long ago but have ignored it. Until today.

I’ve been reading a lot about self-publishing/indie publishing, like, any and everything I can get my little mouse to click on. And what I’ve realized is, it’s seriously making me crazy. Instead of worrying over my story, I’m worrying over what comes after the story. Reviews, sales, reviews, readers, the next book, websites, promotion, pricing…you know, pretty much everything but writing. I’m tired of it, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong–I think reading about this will be beneficial to me–in the future–but it’s not going to do me a lick of good if I don’t, you know, write.

I’m worrying about stuff that is either out of my control or not in reach to be IN my control yet, which amounts to the same thing: wasted time and energy. I should be focusing on my craft. On writing. On learning more about writing and how to improve that. I need to stop worrying about rules and do’s and don’t’s and all that stuff that is just slowing me down and panicking me before it needs to. That old expression about crossing that bridge when we get to it? I need to remember that more often.

So, you know what? I’m going to stop. I’m going to finish my story, edit it until it’s the best it can be *now* (because I’m hoping I’ll always grow as a writer and that means getting better) and then I’ll bring the crazy back. (And if you guessed/wondered if I said that in tune with Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’, you’d be right, because I did.)

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