Nearing The End

I’m nearing the end of ‘Breed of Innocence’. The first draft, anyway.

I wrote the original back in ’07/’08 as an adult story. It was planned as a three-book series. And then, last year or the year before (I’m really bad with time), I decided–or it was suggested–that I had a better suited voice for YA. I gave it a go and, well, discovered I liked it. That, of course, lead to turning all of my adult stories into YA.

But I always loved the idea of Breed and thinking about it in terms of being a YA novel opened up a new way to take the series. The major plot hasn’t changed–I’m just…starting the story a few years earlier. To make it even better, I should be able to salvage most of the original book (albeit with some changes). Of course, starting the series earlier meant adding on to the plot which means my three-book series has morphed into a minimum of 6 books, with the possibility of even more.

I’m hoping to finish the new draft this week so I can send it off to unsuspecting critter people (critique partners or anyone I can trick into reading it) and say “mark it up!” so I know where the issues are. After that, I’ll probably let it sit for a while (so it’s not so fresh in my mind) and work on something else–a recently rediscovered old project that I love. Or, I could be good and try to work out more details of Breed Book 2. Or work on a cover. Or…I’m sure I’ll find something to keep me busy.

So, there you have it. Minor news, updates and…a small I-haz-happy! blog post. What about y’all? Any news, updates or I-haz-happy! moments?

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