It Needs To Be Said

I really don’t like confrontation or saying something that may offend people, but sometimes, something just needs to be said.

As a writer and a reader, I frequent writing forums. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge in some way or another–whether to improve my writing (which can always use improvement) or to read what’s current and what-not. But what I saw today just…hit a sore point.

We all hear stories about authors acting badly–authors who argue with reviewers, cuss out their readers, etc. It’s all been done before and will keep happening. This bothers me. But what’s even worse–to me–is when authors mock other authors, especially in public. It doesn’t matter what the reason is–typo’s, attitude, a bad cover. At some point, to some person, you’re going to make one of those mistakes. No one is perfect. I don’t care who you are, you’ll make a typo. You’ll use a comma wrong. You’ll make or get stuck with a bad cover. You’ll have a bad day and say something you’ll likely regret later.

We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. And I believe we should make mistakes and we should watch when they are made by others. But not to mock. To learn from them. To save ourselves from doing the same thing.

So the next time you want to mock someone, look at your own work. Remember that, at one point, you may have made a mistake like theirs. It’s an old saying, and one that isn’t used enough, but sometimes, I think we (myself included) need to remember to treat others how we’d like to be treated.

I’m sure I’ve done the same thing or will do the same thing, but I hope these are words I can remember myself. And if I don’t, remind me of them.

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