Release Day: Karma’s a Witch

It’s finally here for all to read,
The third story of the witches three,
You’ve followed their journeys of life and love,
Now see what a little karma does!


Okay, sorry, I couldn’t resist NOT having a spell for it… *cough* Carrying on.

I know this is late. Like, really, really late. (And I’m still sorry!) But it’s finally published and available to buy and all that good stuff.

Cover: Karma's a Witch

Despite the weird name and the whole adoption thing, Topaz’s life is pretty average. She has a boss she doesn’t like, a cat who thinks the world revolves around her, a best friend she’s crushed on for years, and a day job that keeps her from her dream job of being an author. All perfectly normal things.

But everything changes when she slips on a letter that appears out of nowhere. The letter–written by her biological mother–proves just how abnormal things really are. Not only does she have two sisters, but she’s also a hereditary witch.

Just when Topaz starts thinking that maybe there’s something to this magic thing, she learns a lesson all new witches learn: Magic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And sometimes, Karma can be a real witch.

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I sincerely (again) apologize and hope y’all enjoy the story!

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