Happy, Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter Blog Hop

It’s Easter! Or it will be on Sunday. I don’t normally do a lot for Easter, but I thought I’d join in on a blog hop and offer up some fun stuff for y’all to do and a contest. I’m one of many who are participating in this, so if you’d like to check out some of the other participants who’ll be having giveaways, you can find a list here: http://thebloghopspot.com/event-page/

First, some origami! I love me some origami, and I thought it’d be fun to share some easy, Easter-themed projects.

The Bunny. I recommend using a smaller piece of paper for this one, just because they’re really cute all miniaturized. (This one does require scissors for one small snip.)

The Box: Just a cute little box that you can throw some candy into. Really has no practical use, but it’s simple and cute.

Also, to celebrate my release of Twin Tied, I wanted to do a little excerpt egg hunt, or an eggcerpt hunt as I’ve been calling it in my mind (and giggling every time I do). Actually, there isn’t much hunting, only point-and-clicking, but that’s easier anyway. So, just point and click on an egg, and you can read excerpts from Twin Tied. Each egg has links to a different excerpt.

Easter Egg 1 Easter Egg 2 Easter Egg 3

Easter Egg 4 Easter Egg 5 Easter Egg 6

Now, for the giveaway portion of the post! That’s the good stuff, right? Right! 2 people will win their choice of either Twin Tied or Shadow and Light. The contest will run from today until Sunday (it closes at 11:59pm EST Sunday evening). To enter, just comment. That’s it. No other hoops to jump through.

But, if you want to increase your odds of winning, then pick an eggcerpt, answer ONE of questions at the bottom of this post, and you’ll earn two entries. On Monday, I’ll use random.org and pick the winners. I’ll post them here too, so if you want to check back, feel free!

Question/Eggcerpt 1: What’s the last line?
Question/Eggcerpt 2: Fill in the blank (each dash represents one word): “Get real, Lexa. No one is _ _ _ _. That was just…insane.”
Question/Eggcerpt 3: Who scares Lexa?
Question/Eggcerpt 4: Who was driving the car?
Question/Eggcerpt 5: What does Lexa hate having thrown in her face?
Question/Eggcerpt 6: What does Kai do when she sees a horror flick with “one of those heroines who cries and hides like a scared little dog”?

That’s all, folks! If you like giveaways, check out some of the other people participating and try to win some goodies. Don’t forget to comment to be entered to win, and please use a valid email so I can reach you if you’re a winner. Have a safe, happy, hoppy Easter!

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    Happy Easter! Have a wonderful day!

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  4. Thanks, y’all!

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