Not-So-Secret Secret Obsessions

Wrestling. I love me some wrestling. It’s the best thing since…the last best thing–whatever that was.

Is it a little fake? Yes, it is. Do I care? No, no I don’t. About 10+ years ago, I stopped watching because of crazy work schedules. Everyone once and a while, I’d catch an episode but everyone I used to watch was gone, so I kind of…drifted away again. But I restarted my obsession full-swing and it may actually be worse than it was before.

I think I’m a bit of an oddity fan-wise. I always have, and likely always will, love this man right here–The Rock. And, he’s not only a great wrestler, but he’s a pretty darn good actor, too. Win/win! He was my all-time favorite wrestler before he left (which, come to think of it, is one of the reasons I stopped watching).

And John Cena, a new favorite, and The Rock, have this big saga going on between them where they hate each other and *sigh* I can’t pick sides. Part of me wants to root for Rocky, because he was my first wrestling guy, but Cena has quickly become one of my new favorites.

Of course, I can’t forget Randy “The Viper” Orton. When I first discovered Orton, I hated him–absolutely loathed him. But now I love him, too. He’s got great presence and awesome eyes. Sometimes a little evil/scary, but darn awesome.

I also like Sin Cara, John Morrison (he’s pretty freaking awesome), Undertaker and Triple H, to name a few more. But I hate–and I mean absolutely hatehatehate–The Miz and CM Punk. I don’t care who they wrestle as long as they lose. When they win, things start a flying and words come out of my mouth that needn’t be said in public. :mrgreen:

Oh! And I’m loving Tough Enough, too.

So, there you have it. I love wrestling and I’m proud of it! What about you? Any secret obsessions?

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