I wanted to mention a few things since I know I’ve been kinda quiet on the blog front as of late.

First, I’m still working on the Breed Chronicles website. I had honestly hoped to have it go live before Breed of Envy was released, but it’s a lot of work, and I didn’t want to take away from the writing of Breed 3.0 to get it done. I’ve made a non-verbal commitment to those who’ve started the series to work on that, so writing the books does and will continue to come first.

Second, The Breed Chronicles will have a spin-off series of novellas, and the first one will release sometime–hopefully–next month, or possibly in May. These won’t be the same characters from The Breed Chronicles (or not entirely), but they’ll showcase hunters outside of the CGE. Neither will these be Young Adult, exactly. The characters will be in their late teens to early twenties. The language will be harsher and the stories will be a little…grittier, I suppose.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m publishing this when, two paragraphs ago, I said the series was my main focus. It is, I promise. This story was written long before I published Breed of Innocence, so this isn’t something new and has, in fact, been in the plans for a while now.

Chronologically, the novella should have come out after book 01, but then I started book 02 and got sidetracked. But you’re not missing anything by it being released later. This is a stand-alone novella, so you don’t have to read The Breed Chronicles to know what’s going on, and likewise, you don’t have to read the novella in fear of missing out on something in the main series.

My basic plan for the duration is to spent about 80% of my mind on the Breed books, and the other 20% on either the Breed spin-off series, or another story ideas. And believe me, I have plenty of story ideas. I might show a list some day, lol.

So, that’s basically what’s going on right now. Lots of writing and editing. Though, at the moment, the writing is going a little slower than planned due to some kind of sinus infection, or something that is kicking my butt hard.

Thanks to everyone who has read book 01, and I hope you guys enjoy book 02. And once the spin-off series is started, I hope y’all will enjoy that, too.

Until next time, my friends, happy reading!

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