The John Cena Method

Everything in life is subjective. This is especially true when it comes to forms of entertainment. Books, TV, movies, music, etc. There will always be people who love what you do. There will always be people who, unfortunately, hate what you do. And of course, there are those who just won’t care one way or another.

John Cena is one of the most loved WWE wrestlers, and at the same time, he’s one of the most loathed. There’s nothing like watching a match and hearing one-half of the crowd shout “Let’s go Cena!” and the other half shouting, just as loud, “Cena sucks!”. It’s amazing to me to hear and see how divided the crowds are. It’s like that for every single one of his matches, but he never seems to let it phase him. To him, it is what it is. His job is to entertain people. Sometimes, he does that by winning matches. Sometimes, he does that by getting his butt kicked. But win or lose, good or bad, he’s entertaining people.

Cena is one of my favorite wrestlers, and to others, he’s just a big joke or a fake or *insert words I try not to say in public places*. Chasing Fire (one of my favorite Nora Roberts books) has a 3.5 star rating on Amazon. Right now, it has 187 reviews. 60 5-star, 37 4-star, 32 3-star, 24 2-star, and 34 1-star. To me, she’s one of the greatest writers of the romance genre. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight is either loved or hated.

I guess the point of this post was to serve as a reminder. A reminder that, whatever you do, there are always going to be people who love you, and there are always going to people who don’t. I don’t know how Nora Roberts (or any of my other favorite authors) handle being disliked, but personally, I’m going to try what I’m now calling the John Cena method. I’m going to remind myself that I’m in this because I want to entertain people. Sometimes, I’ll do that by writing a good story. And sometimes, I’ll do that by reminding people why they love someone else’s stories.

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