When I think about passion, surprisingly, the first thing that comes to mind is John Cena. Most people who know me know that I’m kind of obsessed with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), so this post will go in that direction, but I promise it’s not a wrestling post. This isn’t my sorry attempt to garner more WWE fans (though I totally hope I do).

Most fans of wrestling either love John Cena or they absolutely hate him. There’s not a lot of middle ground where he’s concerned. Obviously I’m one of his fans, and it’s not so much about his wrestling as it is about his presence. He’s passionate about it, and I love seeing that. I love seeing people do what they love and love what they do. I love when his entrance song comes on, the crowd goes insane, and here comes John Cena running out from behind the curtain like it’s the last match he’ll ever have and he wants it to be great. But he does it every. single. night. That’s love. That’s passion.

That’s kind of how it is for me with my writing. My theme music is the idea for a story. It’s the whispers about a world I just have to explore. The crowd going wild would be the characters chattering and yapping in my ear, screaming “write me, write me!”. And when I run out from behind the curtain, I’m in the story. I’m immersed in the world and learning everything I can because I love it. Good or bad, the world is unique, it’s special, and it’s its own character, and I love being introduced to it.

In a way, I think it might be like that for a lot of writers. We all probably love a lot of things, or really like them, but our passion lies with writing, with world building, with discovering new people and new things. And like the great wrestlers, they do it for the crowd, but more, I think they do it because they absolutely love it. Because they can’t picture themselves doing something else.

You can say what you want about writers, because we’re sometimes a fickle bunch, but we love our work. Good or bad, love it or hate it, we’re passionate about it. At least, I think the really great writers are. And I think that’s how it should be.

So, what about y’all? What do you have passion for? How would you describe your passion?

**I promised this wouldn’t be a wrestling post, and it’s still not, but if you’ve got a few minutes, check out these two youtube videos. Just watch long enough to see when John Cena runs out, then you’ll get an idea why I love watching him wrestle and why he’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about passion (not in the pervy kind of way). This link for an every day match, and this one is for a Wrestlemania match (Wrestlemania is like the WWE’s version of the Superbowl). (Oh, and the second video has a really cool thing in the beginning, so watch them both!)

**Links will open in new tabs/windows!

**In case you were wondering, yes, my brain works in mysterious, mysterious ways to link passion with John Cena, wrestling, and writing.

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