I used to be a big hobby type person. Rarely a day went by where I wasn’t making some kind of jewelery, or drawing, or whatever else I used to like to do that I haven’t done in ages. I think it was about eight years ago that I started trying to make origami things. It was fun and I loved it. Of course, I was never any good at it and I really couldn’t make anything more complicated than a crane, but it was still fun. I never had the right paper when I was in the mood to make something, so my squares weren’t really, er, square-like, which made everything look odd and distorted.

Whenever I went to a store, as soon as I got back to the car, I’d rip the receipt into a not-really-square-like square and make cranes. The dash and my cup holders were always full of them, and anytime I had any left over paper at home, I’d make a bunch and stuff them into whatever was handy. I even used to stuff them in my wallet, just because they were super tiny and cute.

I hadn’t made anything in a long time, and I’ve still never made anything with proper paper (though one day, I swear I will), but I wanted to get back into it, so I cut up some notebook paper and made some things that way. They look funny, but that’s okay. It adds to their character…or something.

I tried making some fancy box out of a dollar, but that was an abysmal failure. So I just stuck with making a heart, a box, and an envelope. All of them were way more complicated than they should’ve been (except the box) and took way too much time. I’m still not sure the envelope is right, but that’s okay. It’s, er, envelope like. Kind of.

I really like the boxes. I’m going to make another one and make a lid for it. It’s going to be my Bucket Box. It’s not going to be a real bucket list, because I don’t have one. But basically, I’m just going to write down stuff I want or things I want to do and put them in the box. Why? No idea, but that’s the plan. And to make other cool things. Like more cranes.

What about y’all? Any old hobbies you’ve been wanting to get back to? Any new ones you want to try?

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