Karma’s a Witch Update ( As promised )

I promised I’d update y’all about Karma’s a Witch at the end of February, and since it’s the end of February… Here we go!

Karma is nearly finished, like, 92% done, with about a chapter’s worth of words left to write. I tend to write scenes out of order or have to add stuff in, so that requires a lot of time to transition the scenes together so they make sense. And that makes it more time-consuming than adding new words. (Why, yes, this is one of the major downfalls of NOT being a plotter…)

That said, it will get finished in March! As soon as it’s done, I’ll send it off to a few beta readers to make sure it’s good (*please be good*) and then it’ll be off for edits.

So, I’m very loosely predicting a March/April release. I’ll keep y’all updated with its current status from here on out and post as soon as I have an estimated release date!


(Oh, look, y’all! A positive update! :mrgreen: )

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