Cancellation of TV Shows


This is about the cancellation of TV shows. It irks me. I, Lanie Jordan, am irked by this.

My problem isn’t so much the cancellation of them–my problem is the cancellation mid-season or on a cliff-hanger where I’m left with my jaw dropped down for months and months and…oh, yes, years.

Now, I don’t understand how their system ratings work or anything like that. Frankly, I don’t care; I want my TV shows finished. I think it should be against the law to leave a show that people have vested years in–or even one year–without a proper ending of some kind. These are shows that most people are emotionally invested in seeing through to the end. Networks spend a year or more getting us hooked and then, bam! No more good show. We have to go cold-turkey, which is. Not. Fun.

Networks, and whoever else is in charge of the canceling of TV shows, need to find some way to fix this and to give their viewers a satisfying ending. When I say ‘satisfying’, I don’t necessarily mean ‘good’ (though that’d be nice, of course), because some of my favorite shows had proper endings that weren’t great but at least they were ended.

Firefly and Dark Angel (two really great shows) were both canceled without any kind of ending. Firefly, however, did put a movie out (Serenity) and Dark Angel put out some books (not quite the same, but at least I wasn’t left wondering). With the exception of Terminator (that I’m currently watching and have no idea how it ends, but for the sake of this post I’m assuming badly (shh!)), these are all shows that were canceled and/or canceled badly. On the off-chance one of these is a show you’re watching or will watch, I won’t tell you how they were ended, but know they were ended and I was not satisfied.

  • Veronica Mars
  • Mutant X
  • Surface
  • Las Vegas
  • Tru Calling
  • Knight Rider (Not the worst ending, I don’t think, but could have been better.)
  • Chase (I think has just been canceled.)
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

So, here are some ideas I think Networks should look into the next time they end a good TV show:

  • Have books written. Like I said before, it’s not the greatest idea, but better than nothing and definitely better than being left on a cliff hanger.
  • TV movie or straight-to-DVD. I’d pay $20 to see how one of my favorite shows ended–even years later.
  • End every season like you’re ending the show but leave room to bring it back. This is what I call Joss Whedon’ing it.
  • A final episode that can tie up everything–even some silly montage thing people will complain about. (Because yes, they’d complain, I’d be among them, but I’ be happy(er) than being left with a cliff hanger and wondering WTF happened.

[/end rant]

So, my loyal viewers/readers (and by ‘loyal’ I mean anyone who happened to drop by or accidentally found me *waves*), any other ideas on what TV exec’s can do to please the masses when they’re crushing our hearts by ending our shows?

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  1. Ayla

    you forgot
    -dark angel
    -jake 2.0
    -john doe
    -stargate universe
    -space above and beyond (still upsets me after about 12 years)
    -FIREFLY (the film still didn’t tie everything up)

    Personally they should just give everything on Fox a 2 series run no matter what as they’re cancel happy.