Update: Karma’s a Witch

I posted this on my Facebook page, but I’m putting it here, too, for those who may not follow me on FB or who may not have seen the update.

If you’ve followed me for updates on Karma’s a Witch or are wondering about it, I’m NOT ignoring the project. (I’m working on it right now, actually.)
I didn’t want to back out because I agreed to do it and I loved the idea behind it. I was SO excited to work on it, and to work with the other authors involved. And I know you have no possible way of seeing or realizing it, but I have actually put a lot of time into this project–both the story itself, the covers, etc.
So, I’m going to ask for two months to get it finished–with a Big If attached. If, after a month, I don’t think I can have it out around that time, I’ll step down. Hope Welsh, the author of the second book, has already shown an interest in finishing it, so I think she’d be happy to take it over.
The delay is and has been ON ME and me alone, so please don’t don’t be angry or upset with the other authors. I take full responsibility for it. If they–or I–had known it would take this long, I never would have agreed to it, and I know they would have found someone else.
(And if you want to know why there has been a delay, you can check out this blog post. I explained a little about what was/is going on: http://www.laniejordan.com/blog/08/2014/the-dreaded-update/)

That’s where I’m at. Basically, if, by March 1st, I don’t think I can have it out in/around April, I’m going to talk to Hope about taking over. (I’ll actually talk to her sooner than that so she knows what’s going on.)

I’ve been working on it pretty much non-stop for the last 24 hours, minus a nap and a few hours I had to stop to rest my hands. This will be my main project during the weekdays for the next month. And after yesterday, I’m feeling hopeful that I can finish it. But if not, I’ll step aside. Y’all have waited long enough.

I’m truly very sorry for the delay.

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