The Breed Chronicles Website

With Breed of Envy (Book 02 in The Breed Chronicles) releasing soon, I’ve been busy at work with The Breed Chronicles related stuff.

Namely, The Breed Chronicles website. The idea for this site has been in my head almost as long as the series idea has been. Not quite, but it’s close. So, shortly after Breed of Envy releases, I’ll start a website-reveal thing for the official website.

I have a lot of things planned for it. Some of it may not be possible for a while though, so I’ll only talk about the things I know I’ll start off with. (Or things that will be added soon after the site goes live.)

  • A blueprint of the North Tower, floor by floor.
  • Blueprints of some of the rooms, including Jade’s.
  • Demon glossary of the demons from Book 01.
  • Basic character information all in one place.
  • A background image.
  • Blueprint of the CGE grounds.
  • An interview with Jade Hall and Linc Stone.

After Book 2 releases, I’ll gradually add more information to the site to keep it up-to-date. And after each new book releases, I’ll keep doing that.

I’m hoping to add a lot more. Like I said, I have some things planned, but until I can guarantee they’ll happen, I don’t want to mention them. But know there will–hopefully–be some surprises along the way! :mrgreen: Woot!

If you’re a fan of the series, are there any things you’d like to see on the new website?

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