I Have A Dream

Actually, I have two big dreams. One is my Lottery Dream, and one is my Author Dream.

The lottery dream is the one in which I win millions upon millions of dollars and buy three islands–one for The Parent, one for myself, and one for my writer friends. Then I’d spend my time writing outside in my backyard that will, of course, face the ocean. Because my house will be on the beach and I’ll get to watch pretty sunsets and sunrises and then be distracted and forget to write. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist of the Lottery Dream. (I actually have a list somewhere that I’ve had written for about 10 years. Yeah, I know, I’m a total weirdo.)

And that brings me to the Author Dream. It’s just as far-fetched, of course, because dreams are kind of supposed to be, aren’t they? My second dream is to write books people love to read. Books they love to talk and blog about, shout off their rooftops about, and annoy people with “You have to read this book! Now!” comments whenever anyone is listening. Heck, maybe even when they’re not listening, because that’s how fans roll. (Kind of how I am with things I love.)

In that dream, I’m also…not rich, necessarily, but comfortable enough that I can support myself and The Parent. My bills are paid on time every month, my internet is faster than my usual dial-up-like crappy speed, my jobs–my only jobs–are writing, reading, and annoying my readers with crazy stuff, like talk of my turtles (who blow bubbles and pose like Superman) and the cats who…well, they don’t do much but annoy me, but they’re cute at it. And doing fun stuff for said readers, to show my authorly appreciation. Like contests and giveaways.

I’ll also have a nice office, with a new computer and nice desk. And I’ll have gadgets. I don’t know what kind, but I’ll have them because I love them and they make my inner but-not-so-inner nerd happy.

And I want to continue to be approachable. I want to be liked. I don’t want to be one of those authors readers regret learning about because AuthorX isn’t as cool/nice as ReaderX hoped they’d be. I have those authors, and I hate that feeling. Nothing bugs me more than having a favorite author, or actor/actress or musician, only to discover they’re big jerks who think they’re better than everyone else.

Oh! And of course I’ll get fan-mail. I’ll respond to it and have people be like, “OMG! She responded to me! *squee!*” while, to my friends, I’m going, “OMG! Someone wrote to me! *squee*” because that’s how it SHOULD be done, dangit. (That’s pretty much how it goes now, by the way. Yes, I totally freak out when I know someone is reading my book, and yes, I’m sometimes stalkerish and check. There. I admitted it.)

So there you have it. My neurotic, ramble-y dreams.

And now that it’s out of the way… What about you guys? What are your dreams? Share them with me!

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