Thursday Thirteen – Two

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen iPad Apps that I love.

I got an iPad a few months ago, kind of as a late birthday present/early Christmas present, and I can’t imagine NOT having it now. I, er, have more games than useful things, but that’s okay because I can work on it…when the mood strikes. (I’ll just lie here and pretend it strikes more often than the mood to play. :-D)

  1. Pages: Writing program, similar (to me) to Word. There are a few things that will need to be reformatted when you transfer a copy over, but they’re quick fixes–at least they have been to me. Quote marks, em-dashes, elipses, fonts. All things that can be fixed with a Replace All or a Select All and change at will. (Paid–$9.99)
  2. Splashtop: Let’s you remotely access your computer from your iPad. Not perfect since iPad doesn’t have a mouse and trying to hit a little tiny X with a finger is hard, but it can be done. It’s a cheat way for you to get into chat rooms if you’re so inclined. Like me. 😀 ($6.99, when I purchased it)
  3. Index Card: This app resembles the corkboard feature of Scrivener. It lets you move around index cards and write notes. I love it. (Paid–$6.99 when I purchased it, I believe)
  4. VLC: An awesome media player. (I use it on Windows to watch absolutely everything.) (Free)
  5. GoSkyWatch: Astronomy app. Shows you what you’re looking at. Pretty accurate if you want to find out what that is you’ve been staring at forever. (Free, I believe. But the iPod touch version is not free)
  6. Kindle: ebook reader, of course. It’s pretty nice on the iPad. (Free)
  7. Dropbox: Won’t let you save to the Dropbox (I believe there are only a few programs that will let you do that, but none of the ones I currently use or have), but you can open and edit things, then just email them back to yourself or upload them through iTunes. (Free)
  8. Bluefire Reader: The only app I’ve found that will let you read some of Harlequin’s ebooks. Have tried others that were supposed to work but never could figure it out. (Free)
  9. Pocket Frogs: Game. Addicting game. Download at your own risk, and only after you’ve finished your WIP. (Free)
  10. Tweetdeck: Twitter app, of course, much like the desktop version. I’ve found mine to be a little buggy–random closing, multiple people sharing one avi, etc. But for the most part is works nicely. (Free)
  11. Netflix: I love TV and movies, and being able to watch from the iPad is awesome (since using Splashtop or a like program to do it remotely is…iffy). (App is, of course, free, but the subscription is about $10 a month. Worth it to me because I can use it on my desktop, too)
  12. The Weather Channel: Yes, I have the weather channel app. Even though figuring out Florida weather is a guessing game. If meteorologist call for rain, it’ll be sunny, if they say sunny, it’ll rain. But still, I like to at least pretend I know what the weather is *supposed* to do. (Free)
  13. Anatomy Lite: Fun little quiz type game. I suck at anatomy, so I like it. There’s a paid version that I haven’t bought yet, so I don’t know the price. (Version I have is free, with 4 levels–or 4 levels that I’ve passed, LOL)

20 Responses

  1. I don’t have the technology yet but found this an interesting read. Thank you!

  2. Those are great apps. (I totally love The Weather Channel). 🙂 Happy Thursday!

    • Actually, that’s the app I mostly avoid, LOL. Florida has such…inaccurate weather, so it’s kind of pointless for me. But I like it, anyway. hehe.

      Have a great day!

  3. I’ve been drooling over ipads. A little too pricey for me right now. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy T13!

    • They are a little pricey. This was kind of my birthday/Christmas present (4 months late and 2 months early–something like that).

      Hope you can get one!

  4. Well, until I get an iPad (which I don’t see happening for quite some time), I’ll have to “hold that thought”. Still, it looks like there are a lot of tempting little thingamabobs to keep an iPad owner entertained. 😉

    Happy TT!

  5. Don’t have an iPad, but those look fun!


    My TT is at

  6. One of the channels I miss most since giving up cable is The Weather Channel, so i would definitely want that app if I had one of these things. The GoSkyWatch app sounds cool, too.

  7. You can get Netflix? Ooooooooo.

  8. Ooooh that GoSkyWatch sounds so COOL!!!!!! I have Ipad envy!

    • It is beyond cool. It shows you the constellations, planets, nebulas, etc. It even shows pics of stuff you can’t see (and makes me jealous I don’t have a hugimongous telescope to view it with). LOVE it.

  9. Nice! I don’t have anything like that, although I think about it from time to time.

  10. I would love to get an IPad but that shall wait a little…It is a pretty neat device to own..

  11. Makes me wish Santa brought me one this year. 🙁

    Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

  12. I just heard about Apple TV. Can you get that one for the ipad as well? I think so. Now there’s another distraction you don’t need, eh?