Non-Updatey Breed Update

So here’s another non-updatey update.

I’ve restarted Breed of Discovery about 6,259 times in the last 3 years. I’m exaggerating, obviously, but I’ve legitimately started over at least two dozen times *cough* more *cough* because something wasn’t right. The pic below? That showcases three folders of drafts I’ve accumulated, and there are a few more just like those.

Breed Drafts

Breed Drafts

And the next pic explains why I can’t give a solid, “I’m at X chapter” or “I have X words” updates.

Breed Scenes

Breed Scenes

Those are just some of the yet-to-be-added scenes from a few different drafts (I didn’t have the energy to go through them all for this post, sorry!). Most are completely written scenes. Some of them will stay, some will turn into deleted scenes, some will be worked into the next book. And now, because of how many drafts I have, some may be completely redundant. Until I’m to the places where those scenes should go, I won’t know for sure which category they fall under.

If you’ve asked or wondered why I can’t give a straight answer, that’s why. I don’t know if I have 50,000 words of scenes to add or, say, 20,000 words–and that’s a big difference. That’s why I can’t give estimated dates and why I haven’t updated my tracker, because I honestly don’t know.

If you’ve ever read my blog or follow me on Facebook, then you probably know I hate delivering anything that isn’t good news. And I know none of this sounds particularly promising, but I’m feeling good with my current progress. I’m further with this draft than any other and I’m feeling a lot better with how the story is progressing (meaning, I think I’m on the right track or can easilyish fix it if I’m not).

So, don’t lose hope yet! I can finally see light at the end of this crazylong tunnel!

P.S. Sorry about the blurring. After so many drafts I started getting…imaginative with draft names. :mrgreen: As for the scenes, that’s probably obvious. There be Huge Spoilers! And we can’t have that, can we? 😉

March 17, 2017 3

Release Day: Karma’s a Witch

It’s finally here for all to read,
The third story of the witches three,
You’ve followed their journeys of life and love,
Now see what a little karma does!


Okay, sorry, I couldn’t resist NOT having a spell for it… *cough* Carrying on.

I know this is late. Like, really, really late. (And I’m still sorry!) But it’s finally published and available to buy and all that good stuff.

Cover: Karma's a Witch

Despite the weird name and the whole adoption thing, Topaz’s life is pretty average. She has a boss she doesn’t like, a cat who thinks the world revolves around her, a best friend she’s crushed on for years, and a day job that keeps her from her dream job of being an author. All perfectly normal things.

But everything changes when she slips on a letter that appears out of nowhere. The letter–written by her biological mother–proves just how abnormal things really are. Not only does she have two sisters, but she’s also a hereditary witch.

Just when Topaz starts thinking that maybe there’s something to this magic thing, she learns a lesson all new witches learn: Magic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And sometimes, Karma can be a real witch.

Amazon UK
Amazon CA

I sincerely (again) apologize and hope y’all enjoy the story!

April 30, 2015

Karma’s a Witch Update ( As promised )

I promised I’d update y’all about Karma’s a Witch at the end of February, and since it’s the end of February… Here we go!

Karma is nearly finished, like, 92% done, with about a chapter’s worth of words left to write. I tend to write scenes out of order or have to add stuff in, so that requires a lot of time to transition the scenes together so they make sense. And that makes it more time-consuming than adding new words. (Why, yes, this is one of the major downfalls of NOT being a plotter…)

That said, it will get finished in March! As soon as it’s done, I’ll send it off to a few beta readers to make sure it’s good (*please be good*) and then it’ll be off for edits.

So, I’m very loosely predicting a March/April release. I’ll keep y’all updated with its current status from here on out and post as soon as I have an estimated release date!


(Oh, look, y’all! A positive update! :mrgreen: )

February 27, 2015

Update: Karma’s a Witch

I posted this on my Facebook page, but I’m putting it here, too, for those who may not follow me on FB or who may not have seen the update.

If you’ve followed me for updates on Karma’s a Witch or are wondering about it, I’m NOT ignoring the project. (I’m working on it right now, actually.)
I didn’t want to back out because I agreed to do it and I loved the idea behind it. I was SO excited to work on it, and to work with the other authors involved. And I know you have no possible way of seeing or realizing it, but I have actually put a lot of time into this project–both the story itself, the covers, etc.
So, I’m going to ask for two months to get it finished–with a Big If attached. If, after a month, I don’t think I can have it out around that time, I’ll step down. Hope Welsh, the author of the second book, has already shown an interest in finishing it, so I think she’d be happy to take it over.
The delay is and has been ON ME and me alone, so please don’t don’t be angry or upset with the other authors. I take full responsibility for it. If they–or I–had known it would take this long, I never would have agreed to it, and I know they would have found someone else.
(And if you want to know why there has been a delay, you can check out this blog post. I explained a little about what was/is going on:

That’s where I’m at. Basically, if, by March 1st, I don’t think I can have it out in/around April, I’m going to talk to Hope about taking over. (I’ll actually talk to her sooner than that so she knows what’s going on.)

I’ve been working on it pretty much non-stop for the last 24 hours, minus a nap and a few hours I had to stop to rest my hands. This will be my main project during the weekdays for the next month. And after yesterday, I’m feeling hopeful that I can finish it. But if not, I’ll step aside. Y’all have waited long enough.

I’m truly very sorry for the delay.

January 26, 2015

Weird Emails

I’ve gotten a few emails from people saying they’re getting unreadable emails from me. If you’re among those people, then I’m sincerely sorry. I promise I have not sent any out.

The only possible explanation for this that I can think of is that people signed up to receive notifications from my website/blog.

My site was redone yesterday, which meant updating pages to get things to work properly. Also, I just remembered that I imported some pages to test different features and I’m hoping this is what caused it. Why hoping? Because it means that, while super annoying for you guys (I’m so sorry!), I haven’t been hacked and your inboxes shouldn’t blow up with emails until I blog again (er, like…now. Really, I’m sorry!). I’m not actually sure when people get updates, and I can’t find out without possibly triggering another email-meltdown–which I really, really don’t want to do.

### Last minute edit: I signed up for my own blog and this is where I found the way to remove myself: ###

After Googling for an hour, the only thing I know is: If you signed up for notifications, then it’s impossible for me to remove you. No where does it allow me to see WHO is following my website/blog–I just know people are. I can’t add anyone to this list or remove them.


January 9, 2015

The Dreaded Update

So, I’ve been dreading writing this, mostly because it comes with nothing but not-so-great news, which I hate to give.

Off and on for the last year, I’ve been really sick and having major issues with my hands (where they hurt so bad I can’t even lift a paper plate). A few months ago–around the time I vanished–things got even worse. I was sleeping close to 16 hours a day–if not more–and I’ve been to the doctor more times in the last 5 months than in the past 10 years combined. And then 2 weeks ago, I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed (something my doctor was hoping would fix at least one of my on-going issues so he could focus on other things).

I hate writing this post because it means I’ve failed y’all. It means I’ve failed to deliver two things I really, really wanted to have delivered already, and that’s the 3rd story in the Karma’s Witches series (Karma’s a Witch) and the 4th Breed Chronicles book. Neither of which will be released any time soon, unless something with my health changes drastically.

August 11, 2014